What’s on my Bookshelf

My in laws bought me a kindle this past summer for my birthday and I love it!  If  you are like me and love to read it can become quiet expensive downloading books, so I read a lot of the promotional books and classics. I recently downloaded Lorena McCourtney’s novel, Invisible.  Invisible’s main character, Ivy Malone, is as the author says a LOL (Little Old Lady), who unintentionally becomes involved in solving a murder.  This novel is filled with twists and turns, laugh out loud scenes, and quiet reminders of God’s faithfulness!

What people are saying about INVISIBLE…

McCourtney’s irresistible, understated humor shines through Ivy Malone, a less stuffy version of Miss Marple from this side of the pond. The reader is drawn from page to page toward an unexpected ending. A whet-your-appetite debut for a promising series.
From Romantic Times Magazine
4 1/2 stars and a “Top Pick” rating

Ivy Malone is a heroine who goes about her sleuthing with charm, wit and an undeterred determination to bring crooks to justice. She manages to get herself into one hilarious scrape after another, always squeaking out of trouble by the skin of her teeth. Ivy and her adventures are destined to become favorites of all who read them.
From Murder and Mayhem Book Club


One Response to What’s on my Bookshelf

  1. Katie O'Mailia says:

    You should see the movie Into the Wild. I think you would like it. Love you

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